Pre-Install program

Sebastian Beschke s.beschke at
Wed Nov 10 15:53:41 UTC 2004


Wim Vriend wrote:
> Hello,
> Is it maybe an idea to make a program for ubuntu that's searching on a
> harddisk for e-mail's, email addresses, photographs, MS office documents
> etc, etc. Convert the e-mails to a suitable format for Evolution, MS
> office documents for Open Office, Photoshop and Corel Draw documents for
> the The Gimp etc, etc. Putting those things together in a tarball and
> make it ready for burning to CD. After the install of ubuntu you put
> that DATA CD in the computer and all the collected data is automatically
> installed in the richt directory's. 
> I think that such a program makes it easier for many people to switch
> from windows to ubuntu. It is also a big help if you want to re-install
> you're distro.

Would you really trust such a program with converting and collecting 
*all* your data automatically? I wouldn't.

Plus, automatically converting everything to an "open source" format is 
a strange attitude. Probably (and very likely) our new user likes 
Photoshop a lot better than the Gimp (I know I do). So you should allow 
him to keep it!


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