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Wed Nov 10 08:10:07 UTC 2004

Am Dienstag, den 09.11.2004, 21:29 -0500 schrieb Tim Hull:
> I downloaded k3b from universe (I wanted full CD burning support)
> and I ran into the problems everybody runs into w/.ICEauthority.
> However, I came across a decent solution (that does not require running 
> from a root terminal.  I created a new menu entry (right-click on a menu 
> in GNOME and then click Entire menu-Add new item to this menu
> I input k3b as the application name and gksudo /usr/bin/k3b as the 
> command.  I then selected the k3b icon as the icon.  This allows me to 
> launch k3b from an icon, after inputting my password.  Also, 
> .ICEauthority is not harmed this way.
you porbably should have read this:
and probably attach your results there, as this is the site that is
often referred to on IRC i.e.

> P.S. k3b should be considered to be added to "main" in the next release, 
> because many people would like to burn music CDs and do more advanced 
> things with CDs that Nautilus does not allow for. 
i hope it does not, as the right solution is not to pull broken and
unsupported software into main, but rather to create the missing

so i started to write a basic audio burner that can be found 
here in a public (very) beta (but usable) version. feel free to download
and improve the software by testing, feature requests and bug reports:



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