Suggestion for new repository of software - new versions,, of software in between Ubuntu releases

Tim Hull thully at
Wed Nov 10 04:44:50 UTC 2004

After a release, are non-security bug fixes ever accepted into Ubuntu? 
Also, with the development branch, is this as unstable as Debian sid? Is 
there ever a significant risk in breakage among the core packages and 
X/Gnome that would result in a system being inoperable (as in, you can't 
start X or Gnome and/or can't log in), or is the risk mostly w/non-core 
userland programs? On Tue, 2004-11-09 at 23:19 -0500, Tim Hull wrote:

>> I was not suggesting a supported archive for software updates, I was
>> suggesting an unsupported archive along the lines of
>> universe/multiverse that instead contains updates compatible with the
>> stable release of Ubuntu.

When the stable branch is released, it *freezes solid*. main, universe
and multiverse together. This makes things very clear for users of
Ubuntu, as nothing will change underneath them while they are running
the stable release; and very clear for developers, as the release
targets and requirements are clearly defined for everyone, whether
they're working on stuff in the supported set, or fixing things up in

Who would trust a stable release that keeps changing on them, with new
features and bugs all the time? Who would test the development branch,
if you could get all kinds of updates for the stable branch?

The idea of an unsupported, updated repository *sounds* attractive, but
it would have a negative impact on our ability to deliver a new, stable,
supported release every six months.

If you want the coolest new stuff, help us test the development branch -
that's what it's there for.  :-) 

- Jeff

-- Ooh, ooh, ooh! Ubuntu!

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