Thunderbird 0.9 for Ubuntu?

Christoph Georgi christoph.georgi at
Sun Nov 7 23:37:53 UTC 2004

Hi Allen,

there's a lot of documentry around explaining exactly what has to go in 
which folder and what they are for. Explaining it here would take too 
long and explaining it in short isn't really possible (at least not for 

Have a look at the debian policy manual concerning the file system 
Or google for file system hierarch.


allen wrote:
> zerohalo Wrote: 
>>Thanks. I tried that and thunderbird loads, but it doesn't seem to find
>>any of my current settings (under ~/.thunderbird) which point to my
>>current profile. It starts me up blank. Did it do the same for you? I
>>know I could do thunderbird -P to fire up the profile manager, but it
>>seems that it should be detecting my current settings? Or, is having
>>two versions of thunderbird installed (I still have the 8.2 Ubuntu
>>release installed) a problem? Doesn't seem like it should be as I
>>didn't "install" 0.9 but just copied it to opt and made a link.
> ok this might seem stupid... what does /opt stand for ?
> maybe a faq be made for the wiki as it could get windows users used to
> /program files/windows/my documents/ for everything. i know it would
> help me alot to understand the layout of the / fs a little.
> initrd = ?
> lib = libaries ?
> lost+found= lost+found (don't know what goes in there)
> media = removable media ?
> mnt = mounted filesystems ?
> opt = ?
> proc = info for current processes ?
> root = settings for root user ?
> sbin = [s]binaries ?
> srv = [server] ?
> sys = [system] ?
> tmp = temp files ?
> usr = user files/config files ?
> var = [varibles] ?
> sorry if this seems stupid.

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