Thunderbird 0.9 for Ubuntu?

allen ulist at
Sun Nov 7 23:00:33 UTC 2004

zerohalo Wrote: 
> Thanks. I tried that and thunderbird loads, but it doesn't seem to find
> any of my current settings (under ~/.thunderbird) which point to my
> current profile. It starts me up blank. Did it do the same for you? I
> know I could do thunderbird -P to fire up the profile manager, but it
> seems that it should be detecting my current settings? Or, is having
> two versions of thunderbird installed (I still have the 8.2 Ubuntu
> release installed) a problem? Doesn't seem like it should be as I
> didn't "install" 0.9 but just copied it to opt and made a link.
ok this might seem stupid... what does /opt stand for ?

maybe a faq be made for the wiki as it could get windows users used to
/program files/windows/my documents/ for everything. i know it would
help me alot to understand the layout of the / fs a little.

initrd = ?
lib = libaries ?
lost+found= lost+found (don't know what goes in there)
media = removable media ?
mnt = mounted filesystems ?
opt = ?
proc = info for current processes ?
root = settings for root user ?
sbin = [s]binaries ?
srv = [server] ?
sys = [system] ?
tmp = temp files ?
usr = user files/config files ?
var = [varibles] ?

sorry if this seems stupid.


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