Windows shares browsing with Nautilus - Will not work as normal user?

Pizbit pizbit at
Sun Nov 7 01:44:11 UTC 2004

You should be able to run xsmbrowser just fine as your normal
user(without sudo).
Nautilus, that'd be in the gnome-vfs bug that hasn't been squashed yet
for whatever reason, google and you'll see just how known the bug is.
Mainly seems to occur with win2k machines, somehting to do with
'domain' something or rather. Very annoying!

On Sun, 07 Nov 2004 01:30:57 +0000, Chris Turner <chris at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I currently am able to browse and connect to my networks windows shares
> using xsmbrowser great as sudo but when I try the same from within
> Nautilus I get the error - Error Displaying Folder - The folder contents
> could not be displayed. You do not have permission necessary to view the
> contents of "Windows Network: *******".
> When I first used Nautilus for browsing network folders I used it to
> connect to my ftp site which resulted in it asking for a password for a
> default keyring for some reason. I gave it one of my choosing being the
> same as my user pass and am wondering if this may have caused the
> problem?

Default keyring, stores all the password/etc for things that require
it and that you use nautilus for, you use one pass to unlock access to
all the saved passwords.

> I posted a thread about this here -
> but got no replies.

Just put in the password?:)
My understanding is that it should only be asking you once for each
time nautilus is running, and since it runs as part of your desktop it
should only ask after logging in or restarting nautilus and you're
trying to access the secure address.

> Any help would be gratefully received.
> Chris
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