Windows shares browsing with Nautilus - Will not work as normal user?

Chris Turner chris at
Sun Nov 7 01:30:57 UTC 2004


I currently am able to browse and connect to my networks windows shares
using xsmbrowser great as sudo but when I try the same from within
Nautilus I get the error - Error Displaying Folder - The folder contents
could not be displayed. You do not have permission necessary to view the
contents of "Windows Network: *******".
When I first used Nautilus for browsing network folders I used it to
connect to my ftp site which resulted in it asking for a password for a
default keyring for some reason. I gave it one of my choosing being the
same as my user pass and am wondering if this may have caused the
I posted a thread about this here - but got no replies.

Any help would be gratefully received.


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