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Neil Woolford neil at
Wed Nov 3 14:20:19 UTC 2004

At 10:16 03/11/04, Michael Vogt wrote:

>We are working on a log-file feature for one of the next synaptic
>versions. But on the long run I would rather like to get rid of the
>terminal output and hide it behind a nice progress bar and only show
>it to show error messages or stuff like this.

Both sound like improvements to me.  Using a gui tool to start with, I'd rather
it stayed gui.

> > is there a way to know which package comes from which repository ?
>You can click on "Properties/Versions" to see what versions are
>available. Is this what your are looking for?
> > can packages be sorted accordingly in synaptic ?
>No. You can only sort for component (main, universe,  etc). Sorting
>for the repository may be a interessting option. What use case do you
>have for it?

I think being able to sort on repository would be very helpful.  The reason
being that the different repositories hold different groups of programs with
different priorities.  I would very much like to be able to see what is new in
"Security" at a glance, they might be urgent if they apply to my system.
On the other hand I might think twice about a package from "Universe"
because of the maintenance implications.  At the moment I can't tell these
apart in Synaptic.  (Unless I remove and reinstall whole repositories before
using Synaptic.)   (Unless I've missed something in "Properties/Versions"...)

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