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Michael Vogt mvogt at
Wed Nov 3 10:16:53 UTC 2004

On Tue, Nov 02, 2004 at 05:56:17PM +0100, Philippe Landau wrote:
> Michael Vogt wrote:
> >>Well, for some reason, every time Synaptic needs to install 
> >>dependencies, it shuts down after I respond to the list [...]
> >A fixed package is ready at: 
> >
> >it will be uploaded today, but extra testing before is welcome of
> >course :) 
> excellent, synaptic 0.55 does not crash anymore for me,
> and i was just able to free 200MB using it.
> thank you Michael.

Your welcome :)
> what is the difference between remove and remove completely ?

Remove will not touch config files (e.g. files in /etc), while
complete remove will remove all files. 

> when i choose: Help: Content
> the help viewer opens and says: "The file could not be processed"

Is this on hoary or warty? 

> i miss a way to copy or save the console output in synaptic.

We are working on a log-file feature for one of the next synaptic
versions. But on the long run I would rather like to get rid of the
terminal output and hide it behind a nice progress bar and only show
it to show error messages or stuff like this.

> is there a way to know which package comes from which repository ?

You can click on "Properties/Versions" to see what versions are
available. Is this what your are looking for?

> can packages be sorted accordingly in synaptic ?

No. You can only sort for component (main, universe,  etc). Sorting
for the repository may be a interessting option. What use case do you
have for it? 

> how can i know which new package should be installed for hoary ?

Now this is a tricky question :) I assume you want to know which
packages of the "New in repository" list you should install? I don't
have a good advice here, just look over the package description and
see if it look interessting for you.

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