Ubuntu is not Debian?

Alf-Ivar Holm alfh at student.matnat.uio.no
Tue Nov 2 12:14:26 UTC 2004

Alf-Ivar Holm <alfh at student.matnat.uio.no> writes:

> I found tomcat4 in Debian's testing branch now, but marked
> [contrib], so does that mean that it will not be imported into
> Ubuntu?

Ok, by looking at:


which you referred to in another post, I found out why Tomcat is

	E: Package libservlet2.3-java has no installation candidate

libservlet2.2-java is available, but not ver. 2-3, which supports JSP
1.2, while the first supports 1.1.  Hmm, libservlet2.3-java is in
Debian testing (no contrib) but not in the above link.  With a bit of
luck it pops us soon, along with Tomcat.


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