Package list in Ubuntu universe incomplete?

sparkes sparkes at
Mon Nov 1 17:28:01 UTC 2004

Alexey Molchanov wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm using Warty final and trying to install package stardict but
> 'apt-cache search stardict' can't find it in repositories. :(
> My sources.list have entries for main and universe, i.e.:
> deb warty main restricted
> deb warty universe
> I knew Debian have this package so I investigated little futher and
> manually found this package at the universe pool:
> Why apt-cache search can't find this package?
> Maybe Packages.gz incorrect?
It could be that this package has failed a build.  I don't know how you 
can check this without asking a developer ;-) but I am sure a search of 
the mailing list will point you to a list of packages that buildd has 
failed to compile (if such a thing exists).


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