Ctl-Alt Switch GDM sessions...

janne jan.moren at lucs.lu.se
Mon Nov 1 07:32:27 UTC 2004

mån 2004-11-01 klockan 19:55 +1300 skrev Worik:
> Friends
> On Woody  (Debian stable) I could run two or more GDM logins (for want 
> of a better term) using gdmflexiserver.
> Also, probably related, once Gnome has started I cannot Ctl-Alt-[+-] to 
> change resolution.  I can do it at the GDM login screen, and while Gnome 

It works for me, though I need to use the numpad + and -, not the ones
on the main keyboard area (which means <ctrl><Fn><Alt>[+-] for me on a

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