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Michael Lustfield mtecknology at ubuntu.com
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Elizabeth Krumbach wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 12:13 AM, Michael Lustfield
> <mtecknology at ubuntu.com> wrote:
>> To do this, I am using the Launchpad OpenID modules. I've packaged the
>> latest stable releases with the ubuntu-drupal project.
>> Using this package would allow just about all the access you need and
>> keep it dependent on Launchpad instead. I'm assuming we can all agree
>> Launchpad is easy enough for user management?
>> I'm one of the coders to these modules so I believe I would be a huge
>> benefit to you guys if you wanted to set this up.
>> Personally, my vote is for #1. Canonical servers for an Ubuntu site just
>> seems right, and official.
> I like the idea of OpenID integration for access to the drupal site.
> Are these modules approved for use on the Canonical servers? I ask
> because Canonical only allows a very select number of reviewed and
> approved modules for use on their drupal5 installs. They install and
> maintain the modules on the server, we wouldn't have access to any of
> it, all we can do is enable/disable modules within the drupal
> interface.

I have a very hard time seeing them not being willing to be open to
these modules. Especially considering the fridge and the wiki use them.

They're pretty easy to setup too. I've been wanting to write up a readme
file to help people set this up. Perhaps doing this would be the perfect
opportunity to do it.

You can go to sd.ubuntu-us.org and click the login button to test it
out. You won't be able to log in unless you're in the team, but you'll
be able to see the process.

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