[ubuntu-us] Next US Teams Project Meeting

Eric Lake ericlake at ubuntu.com
Mon Nov 26 22:55:02 GMT 2007

Unfortunately I can not do Thursdays at that time. That is when the KY
team meets. If that is the only time that is agreeable though I will see
what I can do to make it.

Aaron Toponce wrote:
> Jimmy Harris wrote:
>> How about if I add the meeting date and time of Thursday December 6th at 8
>> EST and if everybody can make it then it will be done?  And if we need
>> another meeting it could be planned again.  We might need to have a few
>> meetings anyway to meet the year-end goal.  maybe the mentors could bless
>> the proposed meeting time?
> That time works fine for me.  Let's roll with it.

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