[ubuntu-us] Next US Teams Project Meeting

Craig Huffstetler xq at blurredtruth.com
Mon Nov 26 23:28:58 GMT 2007

RE: The Entire Thread
Subject: Clarification needed? What is the "leader"'s roles and
responsibilities? Or...do we need this?
Overall viewpoint at this point and time: I think an election is premature
for the upcoming meeting.
Opinion: If there *IS INDEED* a team "contact" at the moment, I would see
this as a liaison position (given the naming of it) and a point man for
contacting other teams and communicating back with the U.S. team. However,
would the added responsibilities (which are NOT defined for a "leadership
role") be acceptable to said person?

First off, 8 P.M. EST works great on any week night (besides Fridays,
unfortunately). If we continue to agree on Thursday, this would be perfect
for me and my calendar.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the said "leader to be elected?"
Has this been defined? If it has not been, then no election of any sorts
should be taking place.

If, as you mentioned, a leader is to help "counter" activities and problems
such as those that arose with the IRC naming change then definitive, precise
rules and responsibilities of the said leader should be in place for a
leader to be elected. They need to know what they are getting themselves
into. I have not seen any documentation on this.

The leader would need to be more a LIAISON between different teams, than a
leader (in my opinion). We may see eye to eye, we may not; I am unsure. They
would need to liaise between Ubuntu-IRC, for example, among other teams, to
coordinate and help with feedback. Is this what is being communicated?

I'm sorry, I am just unclear and a simple term for a person without a
defined role, responsibilities or desired actions/feedback is kind of hard
to fathom.

Craig Huffstetler / xq / xarquid
Ubuntu, SC
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