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Thu Jul 19 22:47:13 BST 2007

I don't know.  Initially, when we setup the channel, we got a lot of
people coming in looking for support, and we'd turn them to #ubuntu.
Now, we get less people joining for support, so maybe it's not all bad
to answer their questions.

The problem I run into is this:

* Most questions are going to be very specific, usually hardware
related, as the forums are turning out to be, and it's getting harder
and harder to provide support.  So, I feel I need to let them know that
they would get a better response and better exposure, if they went to
#ubuntu or other official support channels.

* How many people joining the channel looking for support are in the
U.S.?  Even if we get them excited about setting up a LoCo team, in the
U.S. or elsewhere, what do you think that percentage is?  I would
imagine slim, if none at all.  However, I'm willing to expose anyone to
LoCos, as that's where they're going to get most of their support.

* I don't want #ubuntu-us to become a secondary support channel just to
ease the burden off of #ubuntu and other official support channels.  I
feel that if we start providing support to anyone who enters the
channel, that's exactly what it will turn into.

Maybe I could be more friendly to people who join, but I want to let
them know that there are better resources to find the support they're
looking for than #ubuntu-us.  We're not too terrible busy, so I see no
reason why not to provide support, due to sheer boredom, other than what
I've outlined above.

That's where I stand, anyway.  Glad you brought it up, though.  But I
really don't feel that I'm 'turning people away'.  I just want them to
get the support they are looking for, and #ubuntu-us may or may not be it.

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Christer Edwards wrote:
> I have been thinking about something lately concerning the #ubuntu-us
> channel.  We're pasting the "this is not a support channel" all over the
> walls, but why?  I see why initially, when there were two or three of us
> in there, but now we have a small army yet we're turning people away.
> recently, within the last week, some people have come in for help and we
> actually helped them (out of boredom?), and they ended up sticking
> around and getting interested in their teams.
> Why are we turning people away when they need help?  doesn't seem very
> 'ubuntu' to me anymore..
> Christer

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