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Phil Moran phil.moran at
Fri Aug 10 06:55:31 BST 2007

I've seen the request to begin a Rhode Island based Loco Team. I am
interested in getting one started, however I have limited resources as I am
not stateside right now. My signature kinda points to what I am doing. I
will be stateside soon and would like to get things kicked off.  I've been
reading through the documentation and have a decent grasp on the
requirements and some ideas on promoting Ubuntu in the Biggest Littlest
State in the Union....LOL.  If someone can help or is in Rhode Island and
would like to collaborate, I believe we can put a really good team together.

Please feel free to contact me.
SW2 (SCW) Phil Moran
30th Naval Construction Regiment
Camp Fallujah, Iraq
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