SSH & Printer Setup in 12.04

Rick Schwai rick.schwai at
Sat May 19 17:21:06 UTC 2012

I have been successfully running 12.04 on my portable since 12.04 was
released.  It was paired with a desktop version of 10.04 which acted as a
print server and ssh file server.  I recently upgraded the desktop to 12.04
and tried to setup printing and ssh connections without success.

I ran a static IP address on the 10.04 desktop and wanted to duplicate the
same setup with 12.04.  I was able to set the static IP address on the
12.04 desktop and created a printer enabled with sharing.  When I try to
add a network printer from my portable,  a "No printer was found at that
address" message is displayed.  When I try to connect to server using ssh,
I get "Connection Refused by Server" message.

Any thoughts?

Rick Schwai
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