[ubuntu-us-wi] Introducing ubuntu-wisconsin.org

Anthony Hook anthony.hook3 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 04:53:55 GMT 2010

Hello again Ubuntu Wisconsin.

I wanted to inform everyone that we now do have a fledgling website:

Make sure to thank sgtd (maintainer of http://wisconsinlinux.org) for our
sweet logo!

It currently runs Drupal 6.15, we have the following modules installed from

   - Ubuntu Drupal Theme
   - Sidebar
   - Release Countdown

This site will be a work in progress.  Some future goals that I see for the
site include:

   - Migrate necessary information from Launchpad and the Wiki over to
   - Events and plans!  Ubuntu Hours?  Release Parties?  Install Fests?
    What are we up to?
   - Blogs?
   - And, of course, any relevant ideas from any of you.  (It is *our* site,
   after all)

Please register as a user and if you'd like to help, let me know what you'd
be interested in; we can make some magic happen.


- Anthony Hook
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