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I know some people were looking for slides so here you go.

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Kenyatta A. Madison asks:
> Is it possible that this will be recorded for those of us who can't
> make it? Seems kind of interesting.

Speaking as the presenter, taping and/or streaming Saturday's talk is
And there will probably be other opportunities; I doubt 12/11 will be
the last time this material gets presented.

You can preview the MADLUG version's slides and handout at:


MADLUG will be the 6th audience someone has done a version of this
talk to.  We've taped two of my previous versions as well:

The July version, presented to UW-Madison IT staff, can be found linked
off  http://helpdesk.wisc.edu/ns/page.php?id=13733 at


The October version, presented to the UW e-business consortium, is
to member companies at:


Warning: the July audio track is very choppy.

MADLUG's will be the latest and greatest ever!

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