UBUNTU: New member

C.J. Adams-Collier KF7BMP cjac at colliertech.org
Sat Oct 9 23:29:38 BST 2010

Hey all,

I'm happy to introduce our latest member, Basil Gunn.  We have been
corresponding via email and I've heard his call a few times during the
bi-weekly test of the emergency broadcast system.  Or at least I think
that's what it is :)

If I understand it correctly, he has a background working with the BSD
variants.  He's recently started running Ubuntu and told me something
about the amount of effort it takes to make other Unixes do what Ubuntu
does out of the box.  I can't recall exactly what it was, though.

I believe that he is the only other member of the group from San Juan
County.  Corrections would be greatly appreciated!



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