UBUNTU: Wiki and Launchpad

Linda Halligan linda.halligan at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 01:21:13 BST 2010

Anyone with a login has edit powers on the wiki. I'm taking care of  
the party page now.

Launchpad only has one group owner.

So, Chuck can you put up the link to the release party page when I'm  
done creating it?


On Apr 27, 2010, at 4:59 PM, Valorie Zimmerman wrote:

> We should get a notice about the release party up! #ubuntu-wa-us a  
> few mins ago:
> [16:36] <seattlegaucho> so ... will there be a Seattle Lucid Release
> party? when? where? ... can't find it in the LoCo site
> [16:39] <seattlegaucho> ... or the wiki
> [16:40] <Salt> http://www.gslug.org/wiki/index.php/Meeting_Info
> GSLUG shouldn't lead us on this! Salt changed the IRC topic line; who
> has edit powerz on the wiki and Launchpad?
> Valorie

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