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Linda Halligan linda.halligan at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 23:57:57 GMT 2009

Ahmed Osman wrote:
> Happy to know I'm helping, I really meant to contribute a lot more to
> the team these past couple years but I was engrossed in another
> organization that ate up my time. I'm hoping I can make a bigger
> contribution this time around.
Yea for more people getting involved!

> I'm going to bring up the elephant, what direction would we like to
> take the blog? Will we be using it as a communication hub
> (Discussions, announcements, organizing events), or for recruitment
> (event notifications, advice, tips and help). 
I think using it as a place for announcements and recruiting people is a
good idea. But again, I want to express that spreading out discussion
over multiple resources makes it harder for people to participate and
harder for new people to get up to speed.

> And last, what is our current status with Canonical/US Teams?
We are not an officially approved LoCo because there has not been enough
of an organized effort to establish the group and put on events for the
group to officially apply at least from what I can gather from the
resources available on the ubuntu wiki and such.

The info on approved vs "new" LoCos is at:

> I'm seeing a lot of discussions going around for what we should be
> doing and what we want to do and I love it, but I want to make sure we
> all know the teams current status (there have been bits and pieces
> dropped into discussion over the weekend but that's all I have seen).
> -Ahmed Osman
> On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 2:43 PM, Chuck West <chuck at olylug.org
> <mailto:chuck at olylug.org>> wrote:
>     > I have no problem running it, I just ran through and setup one
>     for the
>     > team, http://www.chipnick.com/ubuntu-wa contact me for admin
>     > credentials (keep in mind this isn't a commitment to use it, I  just
>     > set it up)
>     >
>     > Paul can provide more insight into this, but when we get
>     officiated we
>     > would get a sub-domain (The one PNW had was http://pnw.ubuntu-us.org
>     > which is still active) and then would be able to do as we like with
>     > it, so porting this blog over would be fairly easy (backup
>     > theme/database then upload to the new site).
>     Now we are talking!
>     I am so clad we have accumulated some people with some energy.
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