Virginia LoCo Approval Process

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Need to make some posters and hang them.

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> Hi Greg,
> Hey Greg,
> Thank you for putting this together. Looks like it's very doable which is
> great. If I understand correctly, this is where we are:
> >> Resources - you should have a mailing list set up, IRC channel on
> Freenode and have some wiki pages set up.
> Yes. We do.
> It could be spruced up a bit but that's the webdev in me talking ;)
> >> Membership - Do you have members in your group? Are the mailing list and
> IRC channel resources active?
> Yes. We have members. Active? Not so much but increasing.
> >> Roadmap - Do you have an idea of what you want to achieve and which
> projects the group should work on?
> There is a list of "What We Will Do" on the wiki as well as "Goals 2010."
> >> Experience - What have you done so far? Have you done any advocacy,
> translations, exhibitions, support or other activities?
> Some is on the wiki from the past years like the Jaunty Release Party and
> various IRC meetings.
> They recommend 3 so probably the easiest is to firm up the roadmap. Would
> help membership and experience sections too. Why be active if there's nada
> going on? We obviously love Ubuntu or else we wouldn't have gone so far as
> to sign up for the mailing list :)
> We're spread out but we have the power of the interwebs to help us. ;) I'm
> usually in irc all day but don't always look but will jump in on the
> discussion if there is one. Or should we schedule one? Or use the mailing
> list?
> ~Jessica
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