Virginia LoCo Approval Process

Jessica Ledbetter jessica at
Thu Jul 8 22:10:24 BST 2010

Hi Greg,

Hey Greg,

Thank you for putting this together. Looks like it's very doable which is
great. If I understand correctly, this is where we are:

>> Resources - you should have a mailing list set up, IRC channel on
Freenode and have some wiki pages set up.
Yes. We do.
It could be spruced up a bit but that's the webdev in me talking ;)

>> Membership - Do you have members in your group? Are the mailing list and
IRC channel resources active?
Yes. We have members. Active? Not so much but increasing.

>> Roadmap - Do you have an idea of what you want to achieve and which
projects the group should work on?
There is a list of "What We Will Do" on the wiki as well as "Goals 2010."

>> Experience - What have you done so far? Have you done any advocacy,
translations, exhibitions, support or other activities?
Some is on the wiki from the past years like the Jaunty Release Party and
various IRC meetings.

They recommend 3 so probably the easiest is to firm up the roadmap. Would
help membership and experience sections too. Why be active if there's nada
going on? We obviously love Ubuntu or else we wouldn't have gone so far as
to sign up for the mailing list :)

We're spread out but we have the power of the interwebs to help us. ;) I'm
usually in irc all day but don't always look but will jump in on the
discussion if there is one. Or should we schedule one? Or use the mailing

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