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Christian Horne blendmaster1024 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 22:58:34 BST 2009

Mike Basinger leads the group.

On 9/21/09, bmac2 at maildragon.com <bmac2 at maildragon.com> wrote:
> OK, I haven't attended the Ubuntu Users Group in a while, so I have no
> idea who is in charge of it anymore.
> I am the program manager for the UTOS Conference.  We have been sending
> out emails asking LUGs to support our conference, and specifically we
> have been begging LUGS to have their meeting at the conference to
> promote their lugs.  Very few have taken advantage of that.
> What I really need from whoever is in charge of this group anymore is a
> commitment to spend 5 minutes on the Thursday community day of the
> conference giving a short who we are and here is when we meet, what we
> do, etc.  Bring a handout to give out that says when and where you meet,
> etc.  This 5 minutes is yours free to promote the group.
> Please email me back with who is going to take this opportunity.  We
> spend a ton of effort supporting the local LUGs, and we need some
> support shown for our conference.
> Barry McCormick
> Program Manager
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