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Aaron Toponce aaron.toponce at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 16:08:41 BST 2008

Christ and I have some ideas that we're tossing around for some future
meetings.  For August, I'm thinking something in the way of a social
meet-and-greet at a park.  BBQ and games are on the agenda.  Of course,
bring spouses, significant others, kids, etc.  Details will follow, but
it will most likely be on our traditional 2nd Saturday.  It will also
most likely be BYOM (bring your own meat).

Also, during the month of August, Ubuntu is hosting the Bug Jam which
aligns on the same weekend as the meeting.  This would be a great time
for us to raise bug awareness on our machines, submit them, document
them, triage, etc.

Further, for August, we are on Xmission's calendar to do a community
presentation on Ubuntu.  It's at the Main SLC Library downtown.  Details
will follow, but the topic is basic Ubuntu, or learning the Ubuntu
desktop, installing software, moving around the menus, etc.  There are 2
meetings scheduled, and I'll have details probably sometime next week.

For September and beyond, I'm looking for volunteers to do
presentations.  I have some ideas rolling around, and if anyone has
experience in these topics, please let me know:

* Basic Perl programming.  As Perl is the glue that keeps the system
administration tools happy, this might be a good evening.

* Netfilter with iptables and ufw.  Ubuntu has made ufw the default
firewall front-end for iptables, and it's supposed to be "uncomplicated".

* KVM with qemu or virt-manager.  Ubuntu has made KVM the default
virtualization technology, and it's definitely the current trend.

* Edubuntu.  I would *love* to see a presentation on this.  Every Utah
school district should be using it in one form or another.

* AppArmor.  Ubuntu also made this the default MAC software, so learning
how to administer it would be great.

I'm up for more ideas on future meetings, but I think this is a good
start.  Let me know what you guys think.

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