[ubuntu-us-ut] Best E-Mail client

MilesTogoe miles.togoe at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 16:44:55 GMT 2008

I'm getting fed up with Thunderbird and wondering what others are using 
or recommend.  In past I found Evolution crashed a lot and also had hard 
time backing up - maybe it is better ?

My issues with Thunderbird are:
1) Don't like the way it assigns a smtp to an email account - it 
defaults to another account and when you send a message you can't see 
which smtp account it's using. 
2) Don't like the way it asks for passwords - can't tell if it wants 
email password, web hosting account password, domain password.....
3) Don't like lack of easy way to archive old messages
4) Don't like backup (or lack thereof) - it's all cryptic. 
5) hard to pinpoint but I sometimes lose messages when moved to other 
folders from inbox for filing purposes.

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