[ubuntu-us-ut] Oct Meeting Idea- Install fest

Trevor Sharpe tsharpe at xmission.com
Sun Aug 17 00:26:40 BST 2008

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Forgive the late reply.

I like the idea. I would like to do something like that talk about new
stuff we have all tried, what works/what hasn't. I've been wanting to
learn the different ways to install and automate installs with Ubuntu,
recently I have built some machines with PXE and Kickstart/Preseed. i
think an "install fest" would be a great way to meet those needs, teach
and learn at the same time.

Your big chance to show off the latest and greatest, Throw out ideas.
What happened to Bmac and Clutch and those school project computer? and
what is hdmedia as a installation method?

As for rude remarks, you people couldn't handle it.

Aaron Toponce wrote:
> Seeing as though Ubuntu 8.10 is scheduled to be released in October,
> rather than a release party, what does everyone think of an install
> fest?  It would be completely and totally dedicated to getting Ubuntu
> installed on your computer.  I could have a local Ubuntu mirror setup
> for fast net access.  Further, we could also hack on various
> installation methods- netinst, hdmedia, http://, ftp://, nfs://, etc.
> Thoughts?  Comments?  Ideas?  Rude remarks?

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