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Christer Edwards christer.edwards at ubuntu.com
Wed Sep 5 03:39:08 BST 2007

Team - In a discussion I had this morning with Jono Bacon, Ubuntu's Community Manager, I was
introduced to a new system being put together to help foster communication and reporting from
localized teams such as ours.  I'm particularly interested in this based on my work in co-founding
the US Teams Project which is primarily focused on "Teams helping Teams".

I would like to invite someone from the group to act as our Community Team Reporter.  Someone that
can stay abreast of meetings, events reporting, etc.  Basically someone that can show the rest of
the world whan ubuntu utah is all about!

If you're interested in taking on something like this please let me know.  I know there are plenty
of you lurking on the list that may be looking for something specific to do.  Again, email me back
on or off the list and we'll talk about getting this very important role filled.

Thank You,
Christer Edwards
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