[ubuntu-us-ut] Ubuntu-Utah Logo

Erik Quist quist.erik at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 04:22:19 GMT 2007

I vote for #2, that looks great!!


William Smith wrote:
> Wow, thanks for all the feedback.  I have just moved some things around
> a bit and have 2 more concepts to show you.  I have them in both svg and
> png, and links are provided below.  Again, I would love feedback, I am
> having some fun with this.
> http://www.larkinmortuary.com/will/ubuntu_utah_logo_1.png
> http://www.larkinmortuary.com/will/ubuntu_utah_logo_1.svg
> http://www.larkinmortuary.com/will/ubuntu_utah_logo_2.png
> http://www.larkinmortuary.com/will/ubuntu_utah_logo_2.svg
> Will Smith--

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