[ubuntu-us-ut] [OT] Lenovo Battery Replacements

Michael Moore Michael at elementsbycaroline.com
Wed Jul 18 18:48:38 BST 2007

> I was planning on buying a new computer anyway - was ready to buy a
> Thinkpad but this has convinced me Lenovo service stinks - At this point
> it's less time to either drop by the Apple store and pick up a new
> MacBook or maybe there is a well-built Dell model that has a 15"
> 1400x1040 (our old Inspirons fell apart too easily).
> Christer, do you have a blog on how you dual installed the Macbook with
> Ubuntu ? (I'm not interested in buying Parallels).

We just got a MacBook and put Ubuntu on it. It's a very nice machine,
but I hate that it doesn't have two mouse buttons, and the madwifi
drivers it uses are a bit flakey and get buffer overflows after a
couple hours of use. The madwifi problem just means that the wireless
doesn't work until I reboot.

I'm running gutsy on it. It runs compiz very nicely, and things like
Google Earth function pretty well (with some graphical distortions
from time to time.). The boot speed is incredible.

These two pages had everything I needed, except Christers nice xorg.conf file:

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