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Christer Edwards christer.edwards at ubuntu.com
Tue Aug 7 13:53:00 BST 2007

Everyone is invited to Ubuntu Bug Day, tomorrow!  Help make Gutsy the
best ever!

I'm happy to announce our next Hug Day on Wednesday, August 8th.  We
will be focusing on bug reports regarding the development release of
Ubuntu, Gutsy Gibbon, in particular.  Additionally, this will be Pedro
Villavicencio's first Hug Day.  He recently started at Canonical as a
Desktop QA Engineer - so ask him about your favorite desktop bug!  The
list of targeted bugs will be posted at:


This list will be finalized shortly before the start of the 8th to
ensure that all the bugs on it still need attention.  Our goal is to
deal with all of the bugs on that list.

So on 8 August 2007, in all timezones, we'll be meeting in #ubuntu-bugs
on irc.freenode.net for another Ubuntu Hug Day.


While you are welcome to apply to join the Ubuntu Quality Assurance team
anytime, Hug Day is a great day to join!


If you're interested in helping make the next release of Ubuntu better,
please stop by.  And feel free to ask bdmurray, pedro and the rest of
the team for ways to help out.  We hope to see you there and your name
on the list of bug triagers!

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