[ubuntu-us-ut] Django startup

John Anderson sontek at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 20:56:59 BST 2007

On 8/5/07, jtaber <jtaber at johntaber.net> wrote:
> Anyone on this list using Django with Feisty ?  I have installed both
> python2.5 and django (0.96 latest from backports).  But
> permissions/links seem screwed up between the django folder under
> /usr/lib/python and a separate folder under python-django.  The result
> is that I cannot run "django-admin.py startup myproject" and get a
> syntax error (no, nothing is misspelled).   Hmmm, rails works better
> than this but with all the python folks at ubuntu, something must be
> wrong.

Have you tried django-admin.py startapp myproject

 instead of startup?  i'm not sure what startup does, I couldn't find it in
the docs.

Or could you paste the syntax error you are getting?
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