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Mon Oct 2 16:37:16 BST 2006

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Really?  Edgy is by download or dist-upgrade only?  That sucks.  I was
hoping to increase my pressed CD collection.  I have every pressed CD
since Warty, and I'd hate for there to be a gap.

Oh well.

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Christer Edwards wrote:
> Tristan,
> You're probably right.  I've always been reluctant to distribute
> anything but our latest and greatest, but this set of CDs sure feels
> like a waste to throw out.  Perhaps distribute with instructions on
> upgrading?  Just a thought.
> By the way, word from Canonical is that they will not be distributing
> Edgy CDs, but continue to send 6.06.1 CDs via shipit.  Edgy, as it isn't
> an LTS release & due to the huge demand for CDs, will be by dist-upgrade
> or .iso only.
> On Mon, 2006-10-02 at 06:08 -0600, Tristan Rhodes wrote:
>> Christer,
>> You may be out of luck, now that Edgy is soon to be released.  I don't
>> think we should be handing out Ubuntu versions that are 2 versions
>> out-dated (unless it is an LTS point release, like 6.06.1 or 6.06.2,
>> etc)
>> Tristan
>> On 9/30/06, Christer Edwards <christer.edwards at> wrote:
>>> Does anyone think they can get rid of a pile of Breezy 5.10 CDs?  I was
>>> just cleaning out my office I found that I have much more than I
>>> thought.
>>> If anyone has a place to get rid of these let me know & I'll see about
>>> getting them to you.
>>> Thanks
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