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Christer Edwards christer.edwards at
Tue May 23 19:16:37 BST 2006

Team - Below is a forward from the local contacts list.  I know quite
a lot of you have helped with the wiki & documentation in the past and
this is a call for some continued help in preparation for Dapper
release.  Please do what you can & let's continue to make the UtahTeam


Dear all,

We are in the process of completing the new documentation website, which
will hopefully be ready for the release of Ubuntu 6.06. As part of this
website, the documentation on the Ubuntu wiki will be moved to a section
of the new website, so that all documentation will be in one place.
Community based work on this documentation will continue there. For
details on this, see the page:

For the change to go as smoothly as possible, we need your help! All
pages which contain the word "CategoryDocumentation" will be included in
the move. That means that we would appreciate your help doing two

1. Adding the CategoryDocumentation tag to any pages which do not
currently already have it (hopefully most of them do!)
2. Removing the CategoryDocumentation tag from any pages which are not
documentation and should remain on the Ubuntu wiki.

A current list of the pages which are likely to be moved is here:

Please go through this list and ensure that it is as accurate as
possible! If there is a document which you've contributed to which isn't
in that list, please tag it with CategoryDocumentation! If there is a
page there which isn't documentation, please remove the
CategoryDocumentation tag!

Any help you can give is much appreciated. If you have any doubts about
a particular page, make sure you ask by emailing the documentation team
mailing list at



Christer Edwards

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