Last Chance for 5.10 CDs

Christer Edwards christer.edwards at
Thu May 4 15:52:15 BST 2006

Below is a forward from a representative at Canonical / ShipIt.  If
anyone on the Utah Team could make use of 5.10 CDs please let me know
ASAP and I'll see if I can get an order in for some of the remaining
inventory.  I will post a notice when Dapper CDs are made available
and I'll try to get a count from everyone for a Team Order.

As usual, if you need anything please don't hesitate..

Hi folks -

We're getting ready to close ShipIt to Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy) requests but
still have some inventory remaining.  Can any of you make use of more
CDs? I understand that there is a tendency to discount these CDs because
a new version will be out soon, but they are still valuable and can be
useful for many people and organisations.

We are already out of the PowerPC/Mac version, but have plenty of x86/PC
CDs left and a small number of the 64-bit PC edition.

If you can make use of these, please place a request in the next day or
two at

As for the new Ubuntu 6.04 CDs (Dapper), we will be opening ShipIt for
requests for these in the next few weeks. There will be an announcement
at that time, so please wait till then to request Dapper CDs. As before,
we will make a special effort to prioritise shipments for LoCo teams, so
when you enter the request, indicate that you are representing a LoCo team.

The artwork for the Ubuntu 6.04 CDs will be placed on the wiki in the
next few days as well so that you can print your own. It will likely be
on the DIYMarketing page.


Christer Edwards

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