Come help squash bugs on a special Ubuntu Hug Day - May 3rd

Tristan Rhodes tristan.rhodes at
Wed May 3 00:15:07 BST 2006

Announcing the Hug Day (or Bug Day?)

Come to FreeNode IRC channel #ubuntu-bugs on Wednesday, May 3rd and
help make the Dapper Drake even more Dapper.  You don't have to be a
progammer to help out.  Here are some simple things that we can do:

    *      finding duplicates of bugs
    *      trying to confirm bugs
    *      getting more information from the reporter
    *      trying to find patches from the upstream developers
    *      finding an appropriate upstream bug report to follow up
    *      or forwarding the issue upstream.

This is a great opportunity for Ubuntu Utah to be represented and
contribute to the Ubuntu cause.  To better represent our group, please
sign on with the [Ubuntu-Utah] prefix to your alias.

For example, my normal nick is "tristanbob", so I would use

I hope to see you there,

Tristan Rhodes

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