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Joseph Barney linuxalien at
Mon May 1 19:41:40 BST 2006

Hey, that's cool that they mentioned Ubuntu.  Congrats to your wife.  Hmmm
So, by associating ourselves with potential linux users, that will make us
better linux users.  That's why we have the LUG. ;)

It would be interesting to find out if she has heard of Ubuntu linux.
Probably not but I'd be curious to her reaction that there is an OS named
Ubuntu.  I know... I'm easily amused.


On 4/29/06, Nathan <kemotaha at> wrote:
> I love getting signed up without actually having to do anything.
> BTW my wife graduated yesterday and one of the girls speaking at the
> convocation service used Ubuntu (the word) in her speech.  She talked
> how it meant I am human because I belong to humanity.  She was talking
> about how we are who we are because of how we associate with others.  It
> was cool.  She did carry on a little long but isn't that how all
> graduations are?
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