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Tue Sep 21 03:40:16 BST 2010

Well for starters i would like to say that everything i mention on this
mailing list is open for the community as a whole. Not just anyone who is
subscribed to this mailing list. I posted the event on the ubuntu forums and
i even made a facebook page for texas events for linux. It is a great thing
that you have the ALE group running strong but as you know texas is very
large thus we try and make multiple groups. I assume that you have not read
the initial email that i sent out describing what the geeknic was. A event
for friends, family, and geeks in general. The term geek is not a bad thing
of course. Just a name, (that i did not create up btw). Geeknics' have been
going on across many teams and has been a great success to get folks
involved more in their loco teams. I agree with you that i should have tried
a little more to get the community involved but seeing as how i was sending
emails and wasn't getting too many responses back i wasn't sure if folks
were interested. Bottom line is this was an event for a chance to bring many
enthusiasts together to have a fun time and get to know others and hopefully
plan out some more events and ways to get others involved and connected.
Please understand that this was IN NO WAY a private event. It was set to be
in a open park, open to anyone. As i stated before i should have tried more
to get folks involved but as you can read the archives, i wasn't seeing much
support coming in. I tried doing it all on my own and daniel brought up a
valid point to get others involved and i agree. Much better planing and
advertising of the event will ensue with the next one. Sorry if you felt
this was a closed event but trust that ALL are welcome!!

On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 5:40 AM, Bob Ogg <rwogg18 at> wrote:

> I agree with Daniel
> I've been watching all this "planning" for some picnic that on one hand
> looks like it is supposed to be for the "community"...??? I might be
> interested if that were the case. I love "community" and I really want to be
> involved in worthwhile "community" projects. My best friends started and I
> hosted for over 5 years the Linux LUG called ALE (Austin Linux Enthusiasts)
> we have over 200 people on our mailing list. I don't believe anyone in our
> group has ever heard about this picnic. Are any of you Geeks involved in any
> Linux based community groups/projects that openly meet on a regular
> basis.???? Since I joined this on-line supposedly Ubuntu group, I've heard
> no mention of any computer/software/Linux/OS related
> meetings/ideas/thoughts/discussions other than this picnic.?????
> But on the other hand it also looks like it is ONLY for a select group of
> guys using a community mailing list who want to get together and have a good
> time. Personally this is what I believe is the case. If this is the case I
> will back off and let you guys have your fun. (And also will not take
> anything mentioned on this mailing list seriously again if this is the
> case.) (private plans are good way to kill a mailing list) I hope you all
> have a really great time.!!
> If this is NOT the case and you what this to be a "community" project
> picnic, then may I suggest that you guys had better go back to the drawing
> board and start incorporating the "community"!! Then you might get some
> involvement if you guys haven't run off all those who may have been
> interested in the first place. They may have seen what I've seen, you will
> never know unless you involve them, the "COMMUNITY". Ubuntu is HUGE and this
> picnic could have been too and be a huge success if planned properly. I'm
> not sure it's really for "community" though.????
> Am I correct in my observations? All those who understand me, let me know.
> If I am out of line here, let me know that too. Whatever have a great time.
> Thank You
> Yours Truly
> Bob Ogg
> On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 10:39 AM, Daniel VanStone <
> webmaster at> wrote:
>> On Sun, 2010-09-19 at 08:52 -0500, matthew byers wrote:
>> > So we are needing volunteers
>> It might be helpful if you say what you need volunteers for in the
>> Subject line.
>> >  who are willing to help bring food/grill down to the park. A truck of
>> > some sort would be nice for the grill if anybody has one. Also if
>> > folks could reply with anything they would be willing to bring: ie,
>> > paper plates/cups/napkins/food etc please do. More to follow
>> Have you posted this any other place?
>> I looked at the geeknic site and several LUG sites and don't see a
>> mention.
>> Not trying to deflate this but the area could or might be more involved
>> if you involved them also.
>> Cordially,
>> Daniel VanStone
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God Bless
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