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Mon Sep 20 14:06:34 BST 2010

On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 5:40 AM, Bob Ogg <rwogg18 at> wrote:

>  Since I joined this on-line supposedly Ubuntu group, I've heard no mention
> of any computer/software/Linux/OS related
> meetings/ideas/thoughts/discussions other than this picnic.?????
How long have you been on? We've been kind of dead this summer, this picnic
was an idea to get some blood flowing within our community that had been
pretty active earlier this year.

But on the other hand it also looks like it is ONLY for a select group of
> guys using a community mailing list who want to get together and have a good
> time.
I'm pretty sure no one has said anything like this.

> If this is NOT the case and you what this to be a "community" project
> picnic, then may I suggest that you guys had better go back to the drawing
> board and start incorporating the "community"!! Then you might get some
> involvement if you guys haven't run off all those who may have been
> interested in the first place. They may have seen what I've seen, you will
> never know unless you involve them, the "COMMUNITY". Ubuntu is HUGE and this
> picnic could have been too and be a huge success if planned properly. I'm
> not sure it's really for "community" though.????

I'm not sure what 'They may have seen what I've seen' is referring to, could
you be more specific? The idea was to be a Texas Ubuntu Loco geeknic, anyone
interested would be in this mailing list, right? What steps should we
start taking to 'involve the community' more, other than posting on other
LUG lists (which we should have done)?
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