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Fri Nov 27 11:54:09 GMT 2009

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To All Members of the Texas Team,

Dear Texas Team members,

Recent debate has started as to edits made on
these edits were done as per discussion at UDS
on Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009 at 12:00 noon Texas Time
Prior discussion of this meeting can be found here
images of the meeting here

At the meeting discussion arose from liz
as to what the state needed for organizational purposes
she stated that we should look at California or Florida wiki
and try to emulate them (which is the current effort) and that
our state have meetings (like the one at UDS) and state IRC

Let us please work together.

Our goal is to make Texas stronger without taking from any
Team or LoCo.

I have been organizing a statewide meeting which is open to all.

Texas Loco team needs state level organization

   1. Texas Loco Team
   2. Blueprints
   3. Texas Loco team needs state level org...

Texas has several regional teams but no central state-level team. The
various regional groups are trying to organize so they can become an
approved and official Loco Team. Organizational meeting to help plan
strategy as several members will be present in Dallas.

    * Read the full specification

Blueprint information

    High Change priority

    Daniel Stone Change people

    Review Change status

    Belinda Lopez Change people

    Good progress Change status

    Ubuntu Texas LoCo Team Change people

Series goal:
    Accepted for trunk Modify goal

Milestone target:
    None Target milestone

Started by
    Daniel Stone on 2009-11-14

Related branches

    * Link a related branch

Related bugs

    * Bug #475646: Need to move into an Approved LoCo Team status

    * Link a bug report
    * Unlink a bug


    * Proposed uds-l
    * Proposed uvlc-sp1
    * Approved uta-1nuet

    * Propose for sprint

Whiteboard Edit whiteboard

State is waiting approval milestone has not been set I believe that a
secretary must step up and members need to have more voice on here as
well as in the Ubuntu forums.

We also need to be involved in the software.
It does not matter if it is the simplest of things like sending a bug


If you know something special to trick your code or box.......

Share it.

We are having our first state wide meeting to be held in Arlington Texas

Meeting University of Texas Area 12-5-2009
Arlington, Texas
1:00 pm till 5:00 pm
208 S Mesquite St
Arlington, TX 76010
website of location - The Coffee Haus Downtown
Map to Event - Map
Directions to Event - Directions

Please contact: Daniel Stone
for more details

Secretary:Daniel Roesler


Introduction of Members
Texas Team
Karmic Koala
Lucid Lynx

I will be able to pass five rings and
one computer to be given away

If the current/recent changes to the wiki have ruffled some
feathers that was not intended. Change sometimes does so.

My only concern with the wiki is it gives a huge mention to a domain
that does not resolve"texas-ubuntu.org". And comments of a webmaster to
that domain.

Also resolving links to mailing list among other pages are not resolving.


Daniel Stone

> Brandon Tomlinson wrote:
>> Hello, your friendly neighborhood team contact here.
>> I was alerted to JJNova that I in fact need to request permission to
>> update the TexasTeam wiki.
>> I updated the navigation banners, and was working on a toolbox type
>> page that other regional teams could then import to their own wiki
>> page.

> jjnova at gamecootie.com wrote
> I didn't state that any permission needed to be asked to edit the Wiki, 
> instead pointing out that the Texas Team wiki has been historically, and 
> recently agreed upon to act as a hub to point newcomers to an 
> appropriate regional team. I also requested that the headers maintain 
> the uniformity that is maintained on each regional team (which is 
> already in place). The edits implemented by yourself and daily struggle 
> had removed the ease of finding a local team, which negates the 
> intentions behind the page in the first place.

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