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Sun Nov 29 19:28:53 GMT 2009

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To All Members of the Texas Team,

Dear Texas Team members,

The idea of an umbrella team is what I thought we were attempting to
achieve. Many areas have existing teams and they should not get
discounted in any way.

In my understanding the concept of a TexasTeam was more for guiding the
end user to resources (hopefully nearby them) and building communication
 between existing teams to help the state as a whole.

The term hierarchy really should be left out of the equation because in
concept a hierarchy gives the basic feel of one being greater or less
than another.

To have to remember mail tags seems a little extreme. Setting even more
rules for the new user. Not to discard that discussion but if someone
wants to join the list we should be available and have answers if they
indeed write the list. Having the tag system to start would have the new
and unknowing confused why they could not get a reply.

Whatever you choose to call them TNT's, LoCo's, LUG's, or Regions they
support members of a like area. The TexasTeam LoCo is just the same.
TexasTeam is for the state and is here to help the end user find a

Meetings of the TexasTeam as a complete entity may be extremely hard to
attain. Rather small events in separate locations that address the state
as a whole.

Even at UDS there were only select people that showed up for the
meeting. This may have been due to one persons schedule being more open
or one being closer than another but in any event it happened and good
discussions existed.

I believe that the function of a state team offers many advantages over
the city teams that are in place currently. One of them being larger
projects can get assistance and as people have the time they can join
and help different regions or different LoCo's using a common channel.

I would like to cordially invite anyone to attend a meeting in Arlington
this is going to be one of the topics discussed. I will also be
discussing current projects that others and myself are involved in.


You can register your attendance either in person or from remote here

Thank you for your time. I look forward to watching and helping this
team grow.


Daniel Stone

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