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Mon Dec 21 11:54:19 GMT 2009

Incorporating a bot is not hard at all and no it does not take any
specialized training for it. It comes with instructions on how to implement
into a channel and cmds that go along with it. Im really not seeing what the
whole issue is over this meeting/voting discussions. IRC works for meetings
and has for quite some time. I dont know if my last email got out as google
was having some serious issues but yea. Channel logging is not a problem
either as i log the texas channel already so posting logs does not have to
be solely dependent on you Daniel. IRC meetings fit every issue thats being
argued for needs for having successful meetings. I stated time and time
again that moderation is not a bad thing. If you have an issue with mods
than it probably means you have intentions of causing trouble or confusion
in a channel in which yes moderation is needed. I have seen it used myself
on troublesome individuals before. IRC with a bot handles everything a
meeting needs and it has been for i dont know how long but since we seem to
need something to debate over well yes lets find another way to better the
voting system. But again lets not go revamping the entire meeting scheme to
fit a few individuals for convienence and not functionality. So again i ask
that we focus in on the voting system. Which is the best route to take?

On Sun, Dec 20, 2009 at 7:50 PM, Daniel Stone <webmaster at>wrote:

> Dear Elizibeth,
> Okay so do any of the admins of the Texas channel know this. I only hope
> that the message gets to the ones who can make any changes or
> incorporate the bots.
> I believe that may be part of the issue /
> If some of the general information regarding properly leading a team
> especially logistical information such as this.
> It may be very helpful if you drop a few links that explain the
> leadership role for productive teams.
> Thank you,
> Daniel Stone
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