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Brandon Tomlinson thebwt at
Sun Dec 13 07:10:42 GMT 2009

I've made a wiki page for guiding the wiki changes. it is Closely tied with (which needs a lot of work, to
make easy to use for everyone).

Anyways here are my major changes

   1. New banner system (will write a guide on importing them to your wikis
   (if you want) in TexasTeam/ToolBox)
   2. /meetings has been beefed up, if you want to do events or anything
   TexasTeam/ToolBox/Updates is the page that all the data is pulled from.
   Please do not alter the comments because they are what the regular
   expressions use to pull from
   3. I've made a Teams table that can be imported everywhere
   4. An announce mini banner that can be imported, it pulls it's content
   from TexasTeam/ToolBox/Updates as well.
   5. Basically You update everything by
   simply modifying TexasTeam/ToolBox/Updates .

My To do list

   - Document TexasTeam/ToolBox so that everyone knows how everthing works
   - move TexasTeam/Header /Body and /Footer to /ToolBox ,
   - Clean up the Goals page.

Now I hate to play Devil's advocate, but for the sake of organization what
does everyone think about moving the regional wiki Pages to be sub pages of
TexasTeam? the only thing that would change is the URL, not asking you to
change your content. It just makes sense in my mind, though it's not
actually a big deal, just my OCD on information organization. An example of
what i have in mind is that would change
to . One big this this would do
is make moinmoin imports of TexasTeam/ToolBox slightly more sensible.

Another thing is what else needs to be in the navigation ribbon?
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