December 6th Meeting

Brandon Tomlinson thebwt at
Sun Dec 13 06:57:14 GMT 2009

Wow, just realized this was never posted here.

The meeting log from Dec 6th can be found at .

On one hand I feel we didn't get much done, on the other hand we did
actually get quite a bit done.

   1. Discussion on Information spreading (agreed that mailing list is the
   de facto way to communicate for statewide affairs).
   2. Discussion on CenTex/Killeen Team. I think CenTex is pretty much a go.
   3. Next meeting is Jan 3rd.

We will want to work on keeping discussion on track, but a lot of that is
taken care of now that the hot topics are settled.

feel free to nominate topics for January 3rd  here

To schedule other events feel free to use . This Calendar should
really only be used for state wide things, I will set up a template so that
other states can easily make their own Calendar system for planning their
regional events (they obviously don't have to use this, I'm just making for
those that want tit).
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