Texas Ubucon

Loye Young loye.young at iycc.net
Tue Feb 12 01:36:08 GMT 2008

Rummaging through the archives of this list, I saw a tentative
discussion about an Ubucon this summer. It was met with general
interest, but never got finalized, AFAIK. Is anyone running with this?

Place: Suggestion was Austin, but nobody took up the baton on
particulars. As an alternative, y'all are welcome to come down to
Laredo. We have good accommodations for such things, at reasonable
rates. Plus, I could work some deals here. (Down here, folks like to
work deals.  :-)  It's a nice town to visit.

Date: Suggestion was late July, but that would conflict with Ubuntu
Live! (which you should go to if you aren't already planning to). See
http://en.oreilly.com/ubuntu2008/public/content/home.  Mid-June?

Headcount: What do you think turnout would be?

Loye Young
Isaac & Young Computer Company
Laredo, Texas
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loye.young at iycc.net

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