[UbuntuDallas] [Ubuntu Chicago] A reasonable request.

Chad Sutton chadarius at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 03:36:33 BST 2007

Kendall Brown wrote:
> Hey Guys:
> I have an update for those of you who still enjoy a challenge.  I was 
> finally able to boot up the Live CD of Ubuntu 6.10 yesterday.  
> Yes...miracles still happen in todays world.  LOL.  While this is 
> extremely good news to me I was unable to do it consistently.  I was 
> able to boot into it three times out of ten attempts.  I was using the 
> following boot commands: noapic nolapic nopmcmia noacpi.  I was 
> basically turning off everything I could in an attempt to make this 
> work.  Like I said before....I did get in a few times but I couldn't do 
> it every time.  Is there something else I need to try?  I'd also like to 
> know how to edit my boot sequence to add these commands to it 
> permanently, once I've installed it to my hard drive.
> Kendall Brown
That is pretty weird that it would do that so inconsistently. You were 
using the same exact boot parameters every time? It almost sounds like 
you may have some kind of memory or power issue on the workstation. You 
may have already said this in a previous post, but have you run a memory 
test on that machine? Its possible that certain live CD's on distro's 
use different amounts of memory when they load. Perhaps you are just 
hitting a memory chip just with certain live CD's and not others? I'm 
glad you have made some progress though!

Chad Sutton
csutton at chadarius.com

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