[UbuntuDallas] UbuntuOhio A reasonable request.

Larry Laird webmaster at lairdslair.com
Thu Apr 12 15:45:26 BST 2007

Have you tried swapping out your video card for a lesser one?   I had 
some issues upgrading to a Nvidia 6200. Froze the system. Downloaded a 
much newer Nvidia driver (not in the Ubuntu repository) with an older 
Nvidia card in the computer then switched cards to the 6200 and all is 
well. While I'm not an expert in Linux and I couldn't seem to get any 
good answers from anyone, I just took a stab at a solution and it 
worked.  I don't think the default Ubuntu Nividia driver supports your 
Geforce 6600 based on my experience. Someone may say I'm wrong and I may 
well be but just wanted to relate my personal experience since you've 
been struggling so.


Kendall Brown wrote:
> Hey Guys:
> I have an update for those of you who still enjoy a challenge.  I was 
> finally able to boot up the Live CD of Ubuntu 6.10 yesterday.  
> Yes...miracles still happen in todays world.  LOL.  While this is 
> extremely good news to me I was unable to do it consistently.  I was 
> able to boot into it three times out of ten attempts.  I was using the 
> following boot commands: noapic nolapic nopmcmia noacpi.  I was 
> basically turning off everything I could in an attempt to make this 
> work.  Like I said before....I did get in a few times but I couldn't do 
> it every time.  Is there something else I need to try?  I'd also like to 
> know how to edit my boot sequence to add these commands to it 
> permanently, once I've installed it to my hard drive.
> Kendall Brown

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