[UbuntuDallas] [Ubuntu Chicago] Question about Ubuntu.

Chad Sutton chadarius at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 03:31:01 BST 2007

Kendall Brown wrote:
> Hey Guys:
> Just wanted to share some thoughts with you on something I tried 
> recently and was hoping to use towards installing Ubuntu on my 
> computer.  I tried a Live CD of Gentoo Linux recently and it worked 
> perfectly.  I haven't been able to master the install process yet but 
> just knowing that it is possible to have Linux on my system means a lot 
> to me.  Any way...I wanted to know why Gentoo was able to load onto my 
> box while everyone else kept hanging.  I did a little research and found 
> something about the noapci command keeping computers from hanging on 
> installations.  Could this be what's stopping me?  Is there a way to 
> enter this command in a Ubuntu installation so I can test it out?  I'd 
> also like know if anyone can tell me why my computer keeps locking up 
> when I trade out hard drives with different OS on them?  After I fail 
> with Linux I usually just switch out the hard drive with another one 
> that contains a copy of Windows XP on it.  Everything is powered off 
> before I attempt this but for some reason my computer acts like it 
> remembers I had Ubuntu on it previously and begins to lock up while 
> booting up Windows XP.  Any suggestions?
> Kendall Brown
Is Gentoo booting into X? The last time I used Gentoo (my main server at 
home is Gentoo actually) the live CD just booted into a shell, but that 
was quite a while ago. Can you look to see what the boot parameters are 
in Grub for the Gentoo livecd? Also, what kernel was Gentoo using.

Chad Sutton
csutton at chadarius.com

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